Who we are

We are an Independent Evangelical Christian church and have just celebrated 80 years in Neston! We have close links with the wider Christian Community in Neston through our membership of Neston District Churches Together (NDCT).


We have two buildings on Burton Road, Neston. The main church building is used for services and meetings, while the rear building is mainly used for youth activities. The buildings are held in Trust, membership consisting of individuals from the Fellowship and from other churches. The main functions of the Trust are to maintain an overview of the spiritual program of the fellowship and ensuring that buildings are well-maintained.


Always a tricky subject! Our policy is to not have a public collection, all monies coming from members of the fellowship. This is done by a weekly offering at our Breaking of Bread Service. Once a month this offering is for Missionary Work. Visitors are welcome to contribute – but that is not expected. A ‘Gift Aid’ scheme is operated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Email us.